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Listed below are some of the services we provide. Please click on the links for more detailed information.


Consultations begin with a client meeting and a walk around the property, and can include plant suggestions, garden and lawn care recommendations, design ideas, advice on creating wildlife habitat and edible gardens, plant identification, plant disease and insect pest damage assessments and recommendations, stormwater management recommendations, soil and drainage tests, or whatever else is helpful to the client.

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Garden and Landscape Design and Installation

Garden designs are generally limited to a single small area or garden, while landscape designs incorporate larger areas, in many cases the entire property, and can include hardscaping and outdoor structures.

Every design begins with a client meeting and a thorough site analysis based on careful observation of existing conditions as well as soil and drainage tests. I let the site, along with the desires, needs, and budget of the client, drive the design. A site’s problems become design solutions, and its assets become valuable resources.

I can provide anything from a rough sketch to a finished full color design, and generally provide several design options and ideas, as well as a Power Point presentation featuring photographs of the plants selected. My crew and I provide complete installation services from site preparation, plant and materials procurement, to planting and final mulching.

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Edible Landscaping

An edible garden can consist solely of food plants, or can integrate perennial edibles, many of which are highly ornamental and require less care than annual vegetables, into existing or new gardens and landscapes. If you like the idea of growing fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, herbs, vegetables, greens, and edible flowers, we can work with you to either create a new garden or interplant edibles into your existing landscape.

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Organic Garden Maintenance

We provide any level of garden or landscape care, from once or twice a year visits to monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly care regimes, depending on the needs and budget of the client. We are trained horticulturists and landscape gardeners who want the best for our clients' plants and land, and we follow NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association) standards for organic land care.

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Ecological Land Management

Our landscape management services begin with helping a client identify their objectives for their land and introducing them to a range of possibilities and options for ecological land stewardship of their property. Taking into account the client’s goals and the nature of the property, we come up with a land management plan and a timetable for implementing it. Land management projects can include conserving or creating wildlife habitat, converting expanses of lawn to meadow or forest, removing invasive plants, building trails, and creating riparian buffers around ponds and waterways, in addition to other possibilities.

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Garden Renovation and Rejuvenation

We can help existing gardens to look their best and function sustainably, whether they are overgrown and need to be thinned out, need a few new plants to fill in gaps or add aesthetic appeal, or require a complete renovation. We are sensitive to original design intentions and historic considerations, and work as much as possible with existing planting, hardscaping, and other resources already on site.

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Deer Damage Protection

Massive deer overpopulation is a fact of life in the Hudson Valley. One of the most successful approaches we take to limiting deer damage is the use of deer resistant plants. We also provide a range of other solutions to help limit potential deer damage in existing gardens and landscapes, including organic, scent-based sprays and other deterrents, and installing deer fencing, which can range from unobtrusive barriers to eight-foot high fencing around an entire property.

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Stonework and Landscape Construction

We use natural stone products, such as bluestone, fieldstone, and pea gravel, to create beautiful and practical hardscape solutions, including paths, steps, walls, and patios. We also build wooden landscape structures, such as rustic fences, pergolas, arbors, and trellises.

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Organic Lawn Care

Please check back soon for more information about this service.

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“No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture comparable to that of the garden. I am still devoted to the garden. But though an old man, I am but a young gardener.”

Thomas Jefferson